Lenny S Net Worth 2018

What Is Lenny S’s Net Worth? $1,000,000

Lenny S owes his fortune to his music industry career as well as some time spent in the hollywood limelight. In addition to spending time in front of the camera, he is a cinematographer. In 1996, he became vice president of Def Jam Records.

Where does Lenny S Live?

No information is available on where Lenny S lives however, it is likely in the New York City area based on the fact that he is VP for Def Jam Records.

What is Lenny S’s sexual orientation? Straight

Who is Lenny S’s wife?

Lenny S is currently single after his engagement ot Adrienne Bailon ended in 2015 after more than 6 years together.

How much does Lenny S weigh? 165

How tall is Lenny S? 5’10

What is Lenny S’s eye color? Brown

What is Lenny S’s natural hair color? Black

Fun Facts About Lenny S:

  • He was married once before his relationship with Adrienne Bailon.
  • He started his career as a street promoter.
  • He has known Jay Z for more than 20 years.

In 2018, Lenny S. Will continue to work with Def Jam Records.