Lil Pump Net Worth

Lil Pump Net Worth 2018

What Is Lil Pump’s Net Worth?  $2,000,000 -$3,000,000

Lil Pump has definetly taken the music industry by storm. Less than 2 years ago he was a complete unknown and now he tops charts and makes headlines. From being a young man worth practically nothing, he has risen fast thanks to his success on youtube and instagram as well as his Hip Hop hit Gucci Gang. These things combined with a massive touring schedule have increased Lil Pump’s estimated net worth in a massive way over the last few months.

Personal Life

Where does Lil Pump Live?

Lil Pump is a native of Miami, Florida and still calls the area home. As far as details of his home, he tends to keep much about his private life very quiet.

What is Lil Pump’s sexual orientation?


Who is Lil Pump’s wife?

Lil Pump is currently not married which is not surprising given his young age. He has also not really been tied to any major or serious relationships since he began gaining promonience in 2017.

Height, Weight, Hair

How much does Lil Pump weigh?


How tall is Lil Pump?


What is Lil Pump’s eye color?


What is Lil Pump’s natural hair color?


Fun Facts About Lil Pump

  • He self launched his carrer posting tracks online.
  • His parents and his siblings stay out of the public view so little is known of his family life.
  • His birht name is Gazzy Farcia
  • He was kicked out of school in 9th grade
  • He has a huge crush on Miranda Cosgrove.

He is continuing to wow on both Instagram and Youtube in 2018 as well as touring and performing live for his fans.