G Herbo Net Worth 2018

What Is G Herbo’s Net Worth? $1,000,000

G Herbo who previously performed as Lil Herb released is debut mixtape in 2012. He has since risen to fame as a rapper. Music is still his sole focus and he spends all his time focused on creating new hits.

Where does G Herbo Live?

G Herbo was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois where he still lives today.

What is G Herbo’s sexual orientation? Straight

Who is G Herbo’s wife?

G Herbo is currently unmarried but is in a relationship with model Ariana Fletcher. The couple announced in November that they are expecting a boy together.

How much does G Herbo weigh? 176 lbs

How tall is G Herbo? 6′

What is G Herbo’s eye color? Brown

What is G Herbo’s natural hair color? Black

Fun Facts About G Herbo:

  • His real name is Herbert Wright.
  • He was raised by his uncle and grandfather.
  • He has a large collection of cars.
  • His career began after releasing a song on Youtube.
  • He is a high school drop out.

G Herbo will continue to pursue his music career heavily in 2018 with a slew of concert dates inlcuding a pre-SuperBowl show in February.