R Prophet Net Worth 2018

What Is R Prophet’s Net Worth? $250,000

Originally interested in an acting career, the music industry is where R Prophet found his success .He has come a long way from his early Kentucky start where he began performing with the band Nappy Roots in 1997. In 2007, he took his music in a solo direction.

Where does R Prophet Live?

R Prohet moved to Los Angeles in 2007 however based on his most recent arrest he may be calling Kentucky home currently.

What is R Prophet’s sexual orientation? Straight

Who is R Prophet’s wife?

R Prophet is currently single. His most recent relationship made big news as it was featured on an episode of Catfish. He had apparently been talking to a woman who he thought was named Trinity only to find out her real name was Crystal.

How much does R Prophet weigh? Unknown

How tall is R Prophet? Unknown

What is R Prophet’s eye color? Brown

What is R Prophet’s natural hair color? Black

Fun Facts About R Prophet:

  • He attended the DuPont Manual High School’s Youth Performing Arts School.
  • He has been working on developing hip hop educational tools.
  • He remained friends with Crystal after she catfished him.

There is no available information on R Prophet’s career or personal plans for 2018.