Mia X Net Worth 2018

What Is Mia X’s Net Worth? $1,500,000

Mia X is a rapper who first came into the spotlight in 1995 with the release of her first album. In addition to her musical career, she has spent time working in the movie industry. She works in the music production field as well.

Where does Mia X Live?

Noty much is known on what Mia X is doing currently or where she has chosen to call home.

What is Mia X’s sexual orientation? Straight

Who is Mia X’s husband?

Mia X does not appear to be currently married and she keeps her private life well guarded. She does have a children.

How much does Mia X weigh? Unknown

How tall is Mia X? Unknown

What is Mia X’s eye color? Brown

What is Mia X’s natural hair color? Black

Fun Facts About Mia X:

  • She was the first famale rapper to sign with No Limits Records.
  • She was born in New Orleans.
  • Her career began in Queens, New York.

Mia X is still making music and touring which she will continue to do throughout 2018. She is also working on the production of her son’s album.