J Balvin Net Worth 2018

What Is J Balvin’s Net Worth? $6,000,000

Native Columbian J Balvin began his career in music at 14. Although he released a full length album in 2010, he saw his first real taste of success in 2012 after creating a mixtape. He has since released several more albums with more of a fan following with each hit. He does some songwriting and producing as well. He also makes money from his merchandise store that he set up himself.

Where does J Balvin Live?

J Balvin currently calls New York City, New York his home as well as having a residence in Columbia.

What is J Balvin’s sexual orientation? Straight

Who is J Balvin’s wife?

Although he is unmarried at this time, the rumor is that he is engaged to Columbian actress Diana Osorio who he has been dating since 2003.

How much does J Balvin weigh? 174 lbs

How tall is J Balvin? 5’10

What is J Balvin’s eye color? Brown

What is J Balvin’s natural hair color? Brown

Fun Facts About J Balvin:

  • He came to the US as an exchange student.
  • His full name is Jose Alvaro Balvin.
  • His favorite superhero is Iron Man.
  • He holds a Guiness World Record.
  • He has a younger sister.

J Balvin plans to continue touring in 2018.