Kassem G Net Worth 2018

What Is Kassem G’s Net Worth? $4,000,000

Kasssem G is a comedian and Youtube star who launched his career in 2006. Befire that worked in retail. He has recently been on a Youtube hiatus after the sell of a network that he cofounded. The network sold for an impressive $500,000,000 which is a large part of where his current net worth derives. He has returned to his Youtube roots as of late and is once again streaming for his fans. He has also been present in several small acting roles.

Where does Kassem G Live?

Kassem G currently lives in Venice, California.

What is Kassem G’s sexual orientation? Unknown

Who is Kassem G’s husband/wife?

Kasssem G is one celebrity that keeps his personal life very private. There is no solid information on his sexual orientation or relationships he has been in over the years. He is currently believed to be single.

How much does Kassem G weigh? Unknown

How tall is Kassem G? 6’1

What is Kassem G’s eye color? Brown

What is Kassem G’s natural hair color? Brown

Fun Facts About Kassem G:

  • He was born in Jordan.
  • He has done voice over work for other Youtube shows.
  • He used at Best Buy.

Recently, Kassem G has reemerged on Youtube much to the delight of his fans. He is expected to continue to stream throughout the year returning to his roots on social media.