G Dragon Net Worth 2018

What Is G Dragon’s Net Worth? $35,000,000-$40,000,000

G Dragon is primarily known as a Korean pop star and member of the group BIGBANG who he as been with since the mid 2000’s. This only tells a small section of his story. He also writes songs and is himself the writer of 22 of the bands hits. When not on the music stage, he may well be found in front of a camera where he frequently models and has taken on some acting roles over the years as well. Even when he is escaping the public eye, G Dragon works behind the scenes as a record producer and fashion designer.

Where does G Dragon Live?

G Dragon wahs bown adn raised in South Korea. He still lives in South Korea today.

What is G Dragon’s sexual orientation? Unknown

Who is G Dragon’s husband/wife?

There are tons of speculation surrounding the sexual orientation and relationship status of G Dragon. He has been romatically linked to both men and women but refuses to give a clear statement on which rumors are true and which are not. The only confirmed relationships in his past have been with women including American actress Kiko.

How much does G Dragon weigh? 130 lbs

How tall is G Dragon? 5’9

What is G Dragon’s eye color? Brown

What is G Dragon’s natural hair color? Black

Fun Facts About G Dragon:

  • He began his career at the age of 5.
  • He donates money to causes he supports each year on his birthday.
  • He has his own fashion line.
  • Pharrell Williams is one of his favorite artists.
  • He would love to have a daughter one day.

G Dragon and the rest of his BIGBANG band performed together as 2017 came to an end. G Dragon now has to serve his time in the military which should begin sometime in 2018.