Zach Herron Net Worth 2018

What Is Zach Herron’s Net Worth? $500,000

Like many young people today, Zach Herron has made social media his catalyst to fame. He started with a cover version of Stitches on Youtube. He has worked to turn that initial following into a self sustaining pop music career while still being active on social media. He is a member of the boy band Why Don’t We.

Personal Life

Where does Zach Herron Live?

Zach Herron lives with his parents and 2 younger siblings in Dallas, TX.

What is Zach Herron’s sexual orientation? Straight

Who is Zach Herron’s wife?

At this time, Zach Herron is too yourng to be married and has yet to really enter the dating scene.

Weight, Height, Hair

How much does Zach Herron weigh? 129 pounds

How tall is Zach Herron? 5’8

What is Zach Herron’s eye color? Brown

What is Zach Herron’s natural hair color? Brown

Fun Facts About Zach Herron:

  • He wants to one day pursue a solo career.
  • He was in Honor Choir.
  • Zach Herron still gets nervous before he walks out on stage.
  • He has his own fan base seperate from the rest of the group known as Herronettes.
  • He has already written some songs.

In 2018, Zach Herron will continue his work with Why Don’t We as well as keeping his presense on social media going.