Tessa Brooks Net Worth 2018

What Is Tessa Brooks’ Net Worth? $350,000

Tessa Brooks has made her money by vlogging and posting on Youtube. In addition to her own channel, she has also worked with Team 10. Considered one of the most popular people on the site, she has more than 2.6 million followers. Her dancing career which she highlights in many of her posts. She has also spent some time on television including Disney’s Next Big Thing and has done some work as a model. In addition to Youtube, she has more than 2.8 milion folloers on Instagram and a sustancial fanbase on Facebook and Twitter.

Personal Life

Where does Tessa Brooks’ Live?

Tessa Brooks was born in Fresno and still lives in California.

What is Tessa Brooks’ sexual orientation? Straight

Who is Tessa Brooks’ husband?

At just 17, Tessa Brooks is not married but she does do some dating. In 2017 she was datng fellow Youtuber Chance Sutton.

Height, Weight, Hair

How much does Tessa Brooks weigh? 126 pounds

How tall is Tessa Brooks’? 5’7

What is Tessa Brooks’ eye color? Hazel

What is Tessa Brooks’ natural hair color? Brown

Fun Facts About Tessa Brooks:

  • Her parents are both professional dancers.
  • She has 5 dogs and 1 cat.
  • She began dance lessons at the age of 2.
  • Ice cream is her favorite food.
  • Her favorite movie is A Walk to Remember.

In 2018, Tessa Brooks will continue to grow her fanbase on social media as well as perform in dance and modeling.