Lauren Orlando Net Worth 2018

What Is Lauren Orlando’s Net Worth? $300,000

Lauren Orlando is a Youtube star like her older and more well known older brother. She started her own channel in 2013 where she tends to post skits and challenges, many of which feature other famous Youtubers.

Personal Life

Where does Lauren Orlando Live?

Lauren still lives with her family in Canada.

Height, Weight, Hair


How much does Lauren Orlando weigh? 88 pounds

How tall is Lauren Orlando? 4’5

What is Lauren Orlando’s eye color? Brown

What is Lauren Orlando’s natural hair color? Brown

Fun Facts About Lauren Orlando

  • All of her siblings are active on social media.
  • She first appeared on her brother’s Youtube channel at 7.
  • She has a following on Instagram of more than 3.2 million.
  • She is a hockey fan.
  • She is the youngest of 4 kids in her family.

Lauren will continue to build her social media following and post new videos throughout 2018.