Johnny Orlando Net Worth 2018

What Is Johnny Orlando’s Net Worth? $1,000,000

Johnny Orlando is a Youtube star and pop singer. Althoug he is still early in his music career, he is quickly gaining a huge fan following. He also has a sponsorship deal with Nutella. This combined with his hard work is helping him quickly become a name to be recognized.

Personal Life

Where does Johnny Orlando Live?

Johnny lives with his parents in Oakville, Canada.


How much does Johnny Orlando weigh?

110 pounds

How tall is Johnny Orlando?


What is Johnny Orlando’s eye color?


What is Johnny Orlando’s natural hair color?


Fun Facts About Johnny Orlando

  • He has 3 sisters.
  • His mother often appears in photos with him.
  • He collects hats.
  • He has a huge teddy bear named Kylie Jenner.
  • Blue is Johnny Avery’s favorite color.

Throughout 2018, Johnny Avery will continue to work on his music and be a strong presense on Youtube.