Daniel Seavey Net Worth 2018

What Is Daniel Seavey’s Net Worth? $500,000

Daniel Seavey is a member of the band Why Don’t We. He has also been on America Idol as a solo artist in the early days of his career. He is also very active on social media.

Personal Life

Where does Daniel Seavey Live?

Daniel is from Vancouver, Washington where he still lives with his family.

Who is Daniel Seavey’s love interest?

Daniel is currently unmarried and is focused on his career. He has not been tied to any girlfriends although he does seem to spend a lot of time with Lovey James both on and off camera.


How much does Daniel Seavey weigh?

138 pounds

How tall is Daniel Seavey?


What is Daniel Seavey’s eye color?


What is Daniel Seavey’s natural hair color?


Fun Facts About Daniel Seavey

  • He plays several instruments.
  • He placed 9th on Americal Idol in 2015.
  • He has 3 siblings.
  • His dad is a street singer.
  • He loves science and describes himself as a science geek.

Daniel Seavey will continue to be a huge presense in social media as well as working with Why Don’t We and solo projects throughout 2018.