Hayden Summerall Net Worth 2018

What Is Hayden Summerall’s Net Worth? $500,000

Hayden Summerall is a Youtube sensation and singer. He stated out with cover songs some of which have gone viral. He has also done some acting outside of social media. He has also done some live concerts and has sponsorship deals with Thrasher and Calvin Klein.

Personal Life

Where does Hayden Summerall Live?

Hayden lives with his family in Los Angeles, California after recently moving there from his hometown of Dallas, Texas.

What is Hayden Summerall’s sexual orientation?


Who is Hayden Summerall’s wife?

This pre-teen sensation is currently unmarried. Although nothing solid is known, he has been rumored to be dating a couple of different girls, namely Annie LeBlanc and Mackenzie Zielger but nothing has been confirmed.

Height, Weight, Hair

How much does Hayden Summerall weigh?

110 pounds

How tall is Hayden Summerall?


What is Hayden Summerall’s eye color?


What is Hayden Summerall’s natural hair color?


Fun Facts

  • He uploaded his first video in 2015.
  • He is well connected with other social media personalities.
  • Hie was the last of his brothers to launce a social media career but has become the most famous of the 4 boys.

In 2018, Hayden will continue to focus on his career in acting with various roles. He also plans to continue his musical career on Youtube. He will also be going on tour with Jacob Sartoius.