Joe Jackson Net Worth

Joe Jackson Net worth

Joe Jackson Net WorthJoe Jackson is best known as the head or patriarch of the famous Jackson family. His children, including Michael and Janet Jackson, could achieve the success of they did because of their successful talent manager and father, Joe Jackson. Although Joe’s health conditions have suffered tremendously in the past few years, he is still one of the highest paid talent managers of his time.

Luckily for Joe Jackson, his children were born to be stars. Each one of his children were gifted a special talent for music, dancing and/or singing. One of Joe’s greatest success stories comes from the Jackson 5 group that he created from his young sons. The Jackson 5 were signed with Motown in 1969 and there was a hefty payout for Joe, who managed all five boys. Through the success of his children, Joe could control most of the money that was coming in as payment.

Being a talent manager was not first nature to Joe Jackson and because of this factor, his career as a talent manager never fully blossomed after he was fired as talent manager by his children. Joe was in the pursuit of becoming a boxer when he first met his wife. He gave up his dream on becoming a professional boxer once he understood the important talents that his children had in the music community. Over the years, Joe had his share of arguments and tensions with his family, especially with Michael Jackson. Michael Jackson was one of his sons that made his mark on the musical community, known as a “King of Pop”. Unfortunately, due to Michael and Joe’s abusive relationship (mainly Joe towards Michael), the “King of Pop” left nothing in his will and testament for his father.

Unfortunately, Joe’s net worth is only estimated at roughly $500 thousand. His success was attributed to the success of his children and once that ended, it was clear that Joe would never amount to a large net worth without his children. In all fairness of Joe Jackson, he fathered 11 children (one was from a long-term affair) and needed to provide for his family and children any way that he could. This does not excuse the alleged abusive relationship Joe had with his wife and children and unfortunately that is why Joe is currently left out of family events and gatherings. Joe has stated that he lives in half million-dollar condo in Las Vegas.