Claire Abbott Net Worth 2018

What Is Claire Abbott’s Net Worth? $1,000,000

Claire Abbott is a model who self launched her career on Instagram. She also sings cover songs on her Youtube channel.

Personal Life

Where does Claire Abbott Live?

Claire Abbott still lives in Canada where she was born.

What is Claire Abbott’s sexual orientation? Straight

Who is Claire Abbott’s husband?

Claire Abbott is not married and has no strong ties to any dating relationship at this time.

Height, Weight, Hair

How much does Claire Abbott weigh? 132 pounds

How tall is Claire Abbott? 5’5

What is Claire Abbott’s eye color? Brown

What is Claire Abbott’s natural hair color? Blonde

Fun Facts About Claire Abbott:

  • She has one brother and sister-in-law.
  • She writes poems.
  • She has composed one orignal song based off a poem she wrote.

Throughout 2018, Claire Abbott will continue to model and post on Instagram and Youtube.