Post Malone Net Worth 2018

What Is Post Malone’s Net Worth? $1,000,000

Post Malone made his money with his rap music career that began in 2015. He is already considered by Rolling Stone Magazine to be one of the most popular musicians in the country. He also writes and produces music.

Personal Life

Where does Post Malone Live?

After being born in New York and growing up in Grapevine, TX Post Malone now calls Los Angeles home.

What is Post Malone’s sexual orientation? Straight

Who is Post Malone’s wife?

Although he is currently unmarried, he has been dating Ashlen Diaz since early 2015. The couple met when she booked him to perform at a nightclub.

Height, Weight, Hair

How much does Post Malone weigh? 185 pounds

How tall is Post Malone? 6’2

What is Post Malone’s eye color? Blue

What is Post Malone’s natural hair color? Brown

Fun Facts About Post Malone:

  • His interest in music started with playing Guitar Hero.
  • He still drives a 1992 Ford Explorer that he puchased for just $1700.
  • He attended Tarrant County College before dropping out to pursue his musical career.
  • Post Malone was born on the 4th of July.
  • He was voted by classmates “Most Likely To Become Famous.”

Post Malone is expected to continue to focus on his musical career throughout 2018. He us currently touring in the US as well as abroad.