Kellie Sweet Net Worth 2018

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Where Did The Net Worth Come From?

She is a talented YouTuber and created her own youtube channel in the year 2011.Kellie makes vlogs and her videos mostly are of relationship advice she also makes tutorials, DIYs, beauty related videos.
She has around 270K followers and her most famous and most viewed video is “Crazy teacher put her hands on me!!” which has 950K times views.She also sings and does acting.


Early Life

Kellie Sweet was born in Massachusetts, United States on December 18, 1996.

Who are Kellie Sweet’s Parents?

  • Kellie Sweet’s mother is Sandra
  • Kellie Sweet’s father is Raymond

Relationships and Love Interests

Not everything is known about Kellie Sweet’s love interests. Kellie Sweet orientation is said to be straight. Kellie Sweet has also been romantically associated with Jay Versace.

Zodiac Sign



Weight 50 Kg Or 110 Lbs
Height 5 Ft 5¼ In Or 166 Cm
Eye Color Dark Brown
Hair Color Black