Kevin Love Net Worth 2018

Net Worth

$26.9 million


Nba Player

Where Did The Net Worth Come From?

Kevin Love is an American basketball player with the American National Basketball Association (NBA). Right after halftime in a November game against the Atlanta Hawks, he experienced his first panic attack. He wrote about the experience and choosing to seek help in an article titled “Everyone Is Going Through Something,” for The Players Tribune. In high school, he could throw a baseball 90 Mph. Yoga is a huge part of his training routine.


Early Life

Kevin Love was born in Santa Monica, Ca, Usa on September 7, 1988.

Who are Kevin Love’s Parents?

  • Kevin Love’s mother is Karen Love
  • Kevin Love’s father is Stanley Love

Relationships and Love Interests

Not everything is known about Kevin Love’s love interests. Kevin Love orientation is said to be Straight. Kevin Love has also been romantically associated with Kate Bock.

Zodiac Sign



Weight 114/251
Height 208/6,1
Eye Color Light Brown
Hair Color Black