Casey Austin Keenum Net Worth 2018

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Nfl Player

Where Did The Net Worth Come From?

He is a quarterback for the Denver Broncos. He played college football for the Houston University successfully, but he went undrafted. He played for the Houston Texans and the St. Louis Rams mostly as a second or third-string quarterback. He got his opportunity at Minnesota in 2017, where he was a starting quarterback for the Vikings and he took it leading the Vikings to 13-3 record. In 2018, he signed for the Denver Broncos.


Early Life

Casey Austin Keenum was born in Brownwood, Tx, Usa on February 17, 1988.

Who are Casey Austin Keenum’s Parents?

  • Casey Austin Keenum’s mother is Unknown
  • Casey Austin Keenum’s father is Steve Keenum

Relationships and Love Interests

Not everything is known about Casey Austin Keenum’s love interests. Casey Austin Keenum orientation is said to be Straight. Casey Austin Keenum has also been romantically associated with Kimberly Caddell.

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Weight 98/215
Height 185/6,01
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Light Brown