Zinedine Zidane Net Worth 2018

Net Worth

$70 Million


Soccer Player

Where Did The Net Worth Come From?

Zinedine Zidane is a retired French professional soccer player who is now manager for Real Madrid. During his soccer playing career, Zidane played for Real Madrid for 5 years. He also played for France and capped 108 times and winning the 1998 World Cup. Zidane and his wife have four sons who all play soccer.


Early Life

Zinedine Zidane was born in Marseille, France on June 23, 1972.

Who are Zinedine Zidane’s Parents?

  • Zinedine Zidane’s mother is Malika Zidane
  • Zinedine Zidane’s father is Smail Zidane

Relationships and Love Interests

Not everything is known about Zinedine Zidane’s love interests. Zinedine Zidane orientation is said to be Straight. Zinedine Zidane has also been romantically associated with Véronique Zidane.

Zodiac Sign



Weight 80/176
Height 185/6,01
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Bald