Tiwatope Savage-Balogun Net Worth 2019

Net Worth

$5 million


Singer, Songwriter, Actor, And Performer

Where Did The Net Worth Come From?

Her family moved to London from Nigeria when she was 11. She holds a degree in Business administration from the University of Kent, as well as degree in professional music from the highly acclaimed Berklee College of Music. After years of singing back vocals for George Michael, Sting, Mary J Blige and many more, in 2013, she released her debut solo album. It took her a while to become a star, but with her working ethics and talent it was probably inevitable.


Early Life

Tiwatope Savage-Balogun was born in Lagos State, Nigeria on 5-Feb-80.

Who are Tiwatope Savage-Balogun’s Parents?

  • Tiwatope Savage-Balogun’s mother is Cecilia Savage
  • Tiwatope Savage-Balogun’s father is Unknown

Relationships and Love Interests

Not everything is known about Tiwatope Savage-Balogun’s love interests. Tiwatope Savage-Balogun orientation is said to be Straight. Tiwatope Savage-Balogun has also been romantically associated with Tunji Balogun.

Zodiac Sign



Weight Unknown
Height 167/5.5
Eye Color Unknown
Hair Color Black