Ojani Noa Net Worth 2018

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Actor, Chef, Waiter, Film Producer

Where Did The Net Worth Come From?

Ojani noa he is an actor but also known as the ex-husband of the famous singer Jennifer Lopez. He met the female singer long before he started his acting career. He worked as a waiter at a restaurant in Miami Beach Florida owned by Gloria Estefan.


Early Life

Ojani Noa was born in Cuba on June 11, 1974.

Who are Ojani Noa’s Parents?

  • Ojani Noa’s mother is Unknown
  • Ojani Noa’s father is Francisco Noa

Relationships and Love Interests

Not everything is known about Ojani Noa’s love interests. Ojani Noa orientation is said to be Straight. Ojani Noa has also been romantically associated with Jennifer Lopez.

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Weight 59/130
Height 185/6.06
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Black