Justin Bieber Net Worth 2018

Net Worth

$350 Million


Singer, Songwriter, Musician, Actor

Where Did The Net Worth Come From?

His manager discovered him accidentally at the age of 12.The next year he was a big star already. After four studio albums, numerous hits, countless awards and millions of fans, sky is the limit! He is one of the world’s best selling music artists. He is engaged to Hailey Baldwin, model and daughter of the actor Stephen Baldwin.


Early Life

Justin Bieber was born in Stratford, Ontario, Canada on March 1, 1994.

Who are Justin Bieber’s Parents?

  • Justin Bieber’s mother is Patricia
  • Justin Bieber’s father is Jeremy

Relationships and Love Interests

Not everything is known about Justin Bieber’s love interests. Justin Bieber orientation is said to be straight. Justin Bieber has also been romantically associated with Selena Gomez.

Zodiac Sign



66 Kg Or 145.5 Pounds


5 Ft 9 In Or 175 Cm

Eye Color

Light Brown

Hair Color

Light Brown