Hugh Grosvenor Net Worth 2018

Net Worth

$12.9 Billion



Where Did The Net Worth Come From?

Hugh Grosvenor is the 7th Duke of Westminster and the godfather to Prince George, son of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. Though he has two older sisters, he is the sole heir of his late father’s vast estate, which includes 190 acres in Belgravia and thousands of acres in Scotland and Spain, through the rule of primogeniture, which puts male children ahead of female siblings irrespective of age. His inheritance made him a billionaire at the age of 25 and the third wealthiest landowner in the UK.


Early Life

Hugh Grosvenor was born in Westminster, London, England on January 29, 1991.

Who are Hugh Grosvenor’s Parents?

  • Hugh Grosvenor’s mother is Natalia Phillips
  • Hugh Grosvenor’s father is Gerald Grosvenor

Relationships and Love Interests

Not everything is known about Hugh Grosvenor’s love interests. Hugh Grosvenor orientation is said to be Straight. Hugh Grosvenor has also been romantically associated with Harriet Tomlinson.

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Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Brown