Jessica Nigri Net Worth 2019

Net Worth

$1 million


Cosplay Celebrity, Spokesmodel, Youtuber, Voice Actress

Where Did The Net Worth Come From?

He is an Oscar-winning actor, producer, director, screenwriter and also an activist and a musician. His professional acting career begins with his first roles in television and movies such as ‘Sure Thing’ with John Cusack, and ‘Top Gun’ alongside Tom Cruise. He is also known to be a life partner to a very popular actress Susan Sarandon, and they have two children together. Sadly, the couple split up back in 2009.


Early Life

Jessica Nigri was born in Reno, Nv, Usa on 5-Aug-89.

Who are Jessica Nigri’s Parents?

  • Jessica Nigri’s mother is Jacqueline Nigri
  • Jessica Nigri’s father is Cory Nigri

Relationships and Love Interests

Not everything is known about Jessica Nigri’s love interests. Jessica Nigri orientation is said to be Straight. Jessica Nigri has also been romantically associated with Ryan.

Zodiac Sign



Weight 55/112
Height 173/5.7
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Blonde