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Where Did The Net Worth Come From?

She’s an English fashion and beauty vlogger who received an unexpected Christmas present in 2017 – a scandal. Boots partnered with her Zoella Lifestyle range to produce a 12-day advent calendar featuring treats including a pen, cookie cutters and confetti. The accompanying £50 price tag was deemed ridiculous. Especially seeing that the entire contents of the calendar could be purchased for about £20 separately. One critic said “Zoella is a perfect example of people deliberately using their platforms for nothing other than to give themselves a bigger pay cheque every month. £50 for a poorly designed 12-day cheap advent calendar is an insult to anyone who has ever supported her.” The resulting online criticism resulted in a swift 50% price cut.


Early Life

Zoe Elizabeth Sugg was born in Lacock, United Kingdom on March 28, 1990.

Who are Zoe Elizabeth Sugg’s Parents?

  • Zoe Elizabeth Sugg’s mother is Tracey Sugg
  • Zoe Elizabeth Sugg’s father is Graham Sugg

Relationships and Love Interests

Not everything is known about Zoe Elizabeth Sugg’s love interests. Zoe Elizabeth Sugg orientation is said to be Straight. Zoe Elizabeth Sugg has also been romantically associated with Alfie Deyes.

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Weight 52/114
Height 163/5,03
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Brown