Madhuri Dixit Net Worth 2018

Net Worth

$35 million



Where Did The Net Worth Come From?

Her first couple of movies were unsuccessful but her roles were praised. Soon, she was given an opportunity to play alongside A-list stars of Hindi cinema and she took it. She is known for her dancing skills, too. After getting married and giving birth to two sons, she has appeared on film only occasionally. As her children have grown bigger she plans to fully resume her career.


Early Life

Madhuri Dixit was born in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India on May 15, 1967.

Who are Madhuri Dixit’s Parents?

  • Madhuri Dixit’s mother is Snehlata Dixit
  • Madhuri Dixit’s father is Shankar Dixit

Relationships and Love Interests

Not everything is known about Madhuri Dixit’s love interests. Madhuri Dixit orientation is said to be Straight. Madhuri Dixit has also been romantically associated with Sriram Madhav Nene.

Zodiac Sign



Weight 56/123
Height 163/5.3
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Black