Michele, Andraya Michele Howard Net Worth 2019

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Reality Tv Star, Model, Actress & Entrepreneur

Where Did The Net Worth Come From?

She is a living proof that persistence and hard work pay off. She has always dreamed of being a model and having a career in fashion industry. For years she had been turned down by many editors but eventually she appeared in several music videos and couple of magazines. It brought her opportunity to star on reality show ‘Basketball Wives: LA’ and she never looked back. She gained popularity, left the show and started her own clothing and swimsuit lines. But she didn’t stop there: She landed couple of roles in movies, too.


Early Life

Michele, Andraya Michele Howard was born in Reading, Pennsylvania, Usa on 23-Jan-85.

Who are Michele, Andraya Michele Howard’s Parents?

  • Michele, Andraya Michele Howard’s mother is Unknown
  • Michele, Andraya Michele Howard’s father is Unknown

Relationships and Love Interests

Not everything is known about Michele, Andraya Michele Howard’s love interests. Michele, Andraya Michele Howard orientation is said to be Straight. Michele, Andraya Michele Howard has also been romantically associated with Orlando Scandrick.

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Weight 62/136
Height 170/5.57
Eye Color Dark Brown
Hair Color Black